Getting Started

A brief guide to work with TYREMAN.ID

NOTE: Last Update July 2020, Content update will be done without notice to all users.

New User Register

For using of apps, please start to Register Now. Please enter your data completely | Company Name | Address | Person in Charge | Email and Phone Number , our team will contact you soon. See the picture below.


Confirmation Email and Activation

Our system will automatically send an email username and password. Please, press the button or link activation to verify the first step.

Hi Customer

Thank you for registering Tyreman Application.

Email/Username : mail@company

Your Password : **********

Please Click Active for activation your account.



How to get support

Our system will send a support account to your email and then you can activate and setup a password.

To access support, open a ticket at our iCare Support System.

Hi Customer Name,
We've created an account for you at our help desk at

Please follow the link below to confirm your account and gain access to your tickets.

Your friendly Customer Support System
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Giving Feedback

We endeavor continously to improve or products to deliver added value for our customers.

Please feel free to share any feedback about via Mail or Call And Whatsapp 0811-1774-007.